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Одеяло USA GI Aluminized All Season Outdoor Blanket - Olive Drab

Одеяло USA GI Aluminized All Season Outdoor Blanket - Olive Drab
Производитель: Rothco
Модель (Артикул): 9069
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Цена: 23.00 $
Цена: 598 грн
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Одеяло USA GI Aluminized All Season Outdoor Blanket - Olive Drab

Olive Drab USA Genuine GI Aluminized All Season Outdoor Blanket - The Lightweight Super Insulator For Warmth And Protection. All Season And All Weather Blanket That Is Waterproof, Windproof, Durable, Compact, Flexible In Sub – Freezing Temperatures, And Has Grommetted Corners. A Great Blanket For The Outdoors. U.S Made. Size: 5’ X 7’. Used By U.S Government, Military, Police & Rescue Organizations Throughout The World.  

Super Insulation Is Exactly What The Name Implies – An Ultra Light Material With Very High Insulation Efficiency. It Was Originally Developed To Meet Demands Of Aerospace Applications. The Blanket Material Is An Aluminized Plastic Film Laminated To A Plastic Film Reinforcing Layer, As Shown In The Drawing Below. This Insulation Material Works Because Of Its High Heat Reflectivity (80%). It Can Be Used To Keep Heat Away Or To Keep Available Heat In, According To The Circumstances.   

A Great Blanket For The Outdoors: Campers Use The Blanket As A Ground Cover For Tents And Sleeping Bags. Skiers Go Up Chair Lifts In Comfort, Wrapped In An All – Weather Blanket. Fisherman Spread It At Streamside For A Clean, Dry Spot For Supplies And The Day’s Catch. Hunters Have Adapted It As A Duck Blind And Windbreak. Many Golfers Have Used It To Keep Dry During A Sudden Rain Storm On The Course. Boatsmen Use It As A Cockpit Sunshade And Know, Too, That It Reflects Radar Should An Emergency Arise. For The Grand Stand Spectator During The Football Season, There Is No Better Lap Robe Than A Lightweight All - Weather Blanket.

The all weather blanket evolved from an insulation material developed for use by NASA in the Apollo program. Like the material used in aerospace applications, this unusual blanket in aluminized plastic film. It has many usese for outdoor enthusiansts because it is big, waterproof, windproof, soil resistant, compact & weights less than 10 ounces. To clean, simply wipe with samp cloth or sponge.

Guarantee: The All - Weather Blanket Is Guaranteed To Be Free Of Defects In Material And Workmanship. If You Find The Product To Be Defective, Grabber Performance Group Will Upon Receipt Pf The Product Replace It Free Of Charge.

Warning: All - Weather Blankets Pass The Requirements Of The Flammable Fabrics Act, But Will Burn If In Contact With Open Flames Or Glowing Coals.

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